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Bid Inside Portal Advertising

On our portal a completly free auctions calendar is available for information, in the "Auctions Calendar" section.Moreover, in order to allow your auction to stand out and reach an higher number of participants, Bid inside offer a wide range of adivertising solutions: displaying among the featured auctions on the home page, advertising banners in various formats and positions, informative and promotional newsletters.

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AstaOnline: the online and live auction management software

Bid Inside has developed AstaOnline, a software wich offer to the auction house a complete suite of tools to manage online and live auctions simply, intuitively and independently, using the latest web technologies.

With Bid Inside you will be able to publish your auction catalogue, manage online bids, create olive auctions, monitor your customers and their purchases quickly and easily.

The auctions built up with AstaOnline will be displayed on among Bid Inside Auctions.

For further information feel free to contact us at or visit our website