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Hungarian coins, world coins and medals. Online bidding deadline at 5:00 PM CET

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Starts: 25 07 2018 17:00
Ends: 02 08 2018 17:00

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Darabanth Auctions Ltd - Online Numismatic Auction #327

Online bidding until Thursday 2 August, 2018 5:00 PM CET

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CoinsWeekly News

  • Wanted: New Members for the U.S. Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee

    09 August 2018
    The United States Mint is accepting applications for appointment to the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee as a member representing the interests of the general public in the coinage of the United States. The application deadline is August 24, 2018.

  • The Perth Mint dedicates coins to new Spielberg movie

    09 August 2018
    On behalf of Tuvalu, the Perth Mint has issued new coins referring to “Ready Player One” by Steven Spielberg.

  • “What is Money?” Exhibition at University of Calgary

    09 August 2018
    The Nickle Galleries, a museum that belongs to the University of Calgary, presents a new exhibition named “What is money?”. It is dedicated to the fact that there are more things on earth which can be used as money than coin users have dreamt of.

  • Indian Summer Globe

    08 August 2018
    A new silver coin designed by Coin Invest for the Cook Islands takes up the theme of the successful Cherry Blossom coin. The coin unites three different surface finishes in one and, what is more, pays tribute to the famous Viennese snow globe.

  • Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

    08 August 2018
    Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently, after visiting the local coin dealer ...

  • A Quarter for the Comrade

    08 August 2018
    Flags, flowers and wreaths. That's what we expect to see when we visit an American military cemetery. However, for some decades now, people have also been encountering coins on headstones there. This recent tradition has a moving origin.

  • Why can’t we get rid of small change in most of the modern vending machines?

    02 August 2018
    Have you been to Spain recently? To pay at the parking garage, you can insert all your 1 and 2 Cent coins, thus feeding a lot of small denominations into circulation again. But why do Spanish vending machines accept small change while others don’t? Here you can read the answer by Erwin Wetzel, Director General of the European Vending Association.

  • Hungarian coin honors Fiumei Road Cemetery

    02 August 2018
    Fiumei Road Cemetery was first opened in 1847 and is now one of the most famous heritage sites in Budapest. It is the final resting place of renowned Hungarians such as Lajos Kossuth and Ferenc Deák. A new commemorative coin honors this historic site.

  • Ł18,000,000 during the largest-grossing run of auctions in philatelic history

    02 August 2018
    With its Ł2million charity auction Spink completes the largest-grossing run of auctions in British and Commonwealth philatelic history realising Ł18,000,000.

  • Whose Truth? NYT Journalist Accused of Stealing Cultural Property

    01 August 2018
    Some politicians still believe that the funding of ISIS is based on the sale of looted antiquities. A US-American journalists has overturned this false claims. The criticism she earned challenges our appreciation of scientific freedom.

  • Book on Akragas by Ulla Westermark published

    01 August 2018
    Ulla Westermark’s book on the coinage of Akragas was announced several years ago. Now it has finally been published. It was due to technical difficulties that the publication had to be postponed for a long time. Ursula Kampmann has taken a look at this new corpus of dies.

  • Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

    01 August 2018
    Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently, nearby Troy ...