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  • Roma Numismatics

    30 July 2020
    Roma E-Sale 74

    E-Sale 74 is now online and open for bidding. It features 1,651 lots of Celtic, Greek, Judaean, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic and World coins.

    The sale opens with the final selection from the notable William Stancomb Collection. Many …

  • How to Tell Cheap Tungsten from Precious Gold

    30 July 2020

    Eight years ago, during the International Precious Metals & Commodities Show in Munich, I had the opportunity to present a talk entitled ‘The Counterfeiting of Coins and Bars’.

    At that time, our greatest concern was the new fake coins and …

  • Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

    30 July 2020

    Recently, in times of peace……

  • Discover the British Empire’s History Online

    30 July 2020

    Museum enthusiasts, history aficionados and coin collectors can explore the American Numismatic Association’s Money Museum exhibit, “Money of Empire: Elizabeth to Elizabeth,” in a new 360-degree virtual reality tour that can be viewed from a computer or a …

  • “Two Bits” – the ANA’s New Podcast

    30 July 2020

    “Two Bits,” a new podcast from the American Numismatic Association (ANA), is now available. Its hosts, ANA Museum Curator Douglas Mudd and The Numismatist author Mitch Sanders, the two discuss wide-ranging topics about numismatics and the world of coins …

  • World Record-Setting Sales at Heritage Auctions

    30 July 2020

    A review of the U.S. rare coin market through the first six months of 2020 shows Heritage Auctions leading the trade with world record-setting sales and the most valuable coin sold so far this year. Of the $167 million worth …

  • Richard Schaefer’s Archive Is Now in the ANS Roman Republican Die Project

    30 July 2020

    The Roman Republican Die Project (RRDP), under the direction of Dr. Lucia Carbone (ANS) and Prof. Liv Yarrow (Brooklyn College, CUNY) aims at providing a precise quantification of the monetary production during the Roman Republic. The first two phases of …

  • Over 100 New 2020 Coins to Browse Through on CoCo

    30 July 2020

    This week, we sent out the latest issue of our Cosmos of Collectibles newsletter, in which you can browse through all kinds of new coins issued this year. Of course, everyone’s taste in coins is different. Here’s a small selection …

  • 2021 Edition of the Red Book

    30 July 2020

    The 74th edition of the coin-collecting hobby’s annual Guide Book of United States Coins (popularly known as the “Red Book”) has been released. The new volume includes completely updated pricing and auction data reflecting the current market for collectible U.S. …

  • PCGS Banknote Grades Ultra-Rare $1,000 Grand Watermelon Note

    30 July 2020

    The finest-known example of the ultra-rare 1890 $1,000 “Grand Watermelon” Treasury Note, which in 2005 became the first banknote to bring $1 million at auction, has been certified and graded by PCGS Banknote. Issued in $100 as well as …

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