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CoinsWeekly News

  • Fun at the FUN

    26 January 2023

    Let’s admit it: Florida has a huge advantage in January. The weather is a pleasure! Instead of wrapping yourself up in a puffy coat and a thick scarf, you can spend your time by the pool in a T-shirt, enjoying …

    Der Beitrag Fun at the FUN erschien zuerst auf CoinsWeekly.

  • Stack’s Bowers Galleries: Visiting the Numismatic Club House

    26 January 2023


    There are some addresses that have a special ring to them for numismatists. New York, 123 West, 57th Street was one of them. For almost 70 years, it housed what insiders called “The Numismatic Club House”. It’s where Stack’s …

    Der Beitrag Stack’s Bowers Galleries: Visiting the Numismatic Club House erschien zuerst auf CoinsWeekly.

  • NCBA Names New Chairman and Officers

    26 January 2023

    The National Coin and Bullion Association confirmed its new 2023-2024 officers and the organization’s chairman during its recent board meeting during the Florida United Numismatist F.U.N. Convention in Orlando, Florida.

    Patrick Ian Perez, vice president data & content of Greysheet …

    Der Beitrag NCBA Names New Chairman and Officers erschien zuerst auf CoinsWeekly.

  • David W. Lange (1958–2023)

    26 January 2023

    Numismatic Guaranty Company® (NGC®) is deeply saddened by the passing of its longtime Research Director, David W. Lange. One of the world’s leading experts on coinage, he passed away on Monday, January 16, 2023, following a battle with cancer.

    “Dave …

    Der Beitrag David W. Lange (1958–2023) erschien zuerst auf CoinsWeekly.

  • Symposium on Alexandria’s Roman Imperial Coinage

    26 January 2023

    The Circolo Numismatico Ticinese (CNT) has announced that the international symposium dedicated to: “Alexandria’s roman imperial coinage (BC 30 – AD 298) – 100 years after Joseph Vogt’s seminal studies”, will take place in Lugano, Switzerland on 20th & 21st …

    Der Beitrag Symposium on Alexandria’s Roman Imperial Coinage erschien zuerst auf CoinsWeekly.

  • Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

    25 January 2023

    Recently, in a bloody cold corner near the Danube in AD 293 ……

    Der Beitrag Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World erschien zuerst auf CoinsWeekly.

  • Stampfer and Zurich Talers

    24 January 2023

    It wasn’t a new idea to strike coins no longer by hand but to use a machine for it. In Augsburg, clever engineers had developed the first minting machines for the French royal court, which were used by Henry II …

    Der Beitrag Stampfer and Zurich Talers erschien zuerst auf CoinsWeekly.

  • Cayón Subastas

    23 January 2023
    Carlos III Collection at Cayón

    Cayón Subastas offers in its upcoming Subasta Extraordinaria – Carlos III Collection more than 650 lots. The auction closes on 9th February 2023 beginning at 4:30 PM (Madrid, Spain).

    All 657 lots offered are gold …

    Der Beitrag Cayón Subastas erschien zuerst auf CoinsWeekly.


    23 January 2023
    NAC USA Unveiling Second Tray

    NAC USA proposes its “Second Tray”, as the company calls a fixed-price list with coins from NAC AG and Shanna Schmidt Numismatics Inc stock. The trays are weekly selections and as a new tray is …

    Der Beitrag NAC USA erschien zuerst auf CoinsWeekly.

  • Classical Numismatic Group

    19 January 2023
    CNG’s Classical Numismatic Review Winter 2023

    Once again Classical Numismatic Group has published their Classical Numismatic Review Winter to present a choice of coins and medals available in their online shop. Enjoy their premier selection of quality ancient, world, and …

    Der Beitrag Classical Numismatic Group erschien zuerst auf CoinsWeekly.

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