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Auction calendar for Coins & Medals

January 2022
Auktionshaus H.D. Rauch GmbH

Auction 113 - Day 1

Live Auction of Ancient Coins, Literature, Europe and Overseas. 

Auktionshaus H.D. Rauch GmbH

Auction 113 - Day 2

Live Auction of Medieval Austrian Coins and Holy Roman Empire, Maria Theresa, Salzburg. 

18 January
Bid Inside Network

Online Banknotes Auction #61

E-Live Auction with Spanish Bank Notes, Euro Bank Notes, Spanish Colonies Bank Notes, Lots and Collections and Bibliography. 

Aureo & Calicó - Subastas Numismáticas

Auction 381 - Online Auction

Ancient, Spanish, World Coins, Medals and Banknotes. 

Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger

E-Live Auction 7

Numismatic Books - E-Live Auction. 

29-30 Jan.
Bid Inside NetworkBid Inside Live Auction
Nomisma Spa

E-Live Auction 26

E-live Auction with Ancient and Modern Coins, Italian and World Coins, Medals. 

February 2022
4 February
Bid Inside Network
Antivm Numismatica

E-Live Auction 9

Medieval and Modern Coins, Numismatic Books E-Live Auction. 

5 February
Bid Inside NetworkBid Inside Live Auction
Varesi Numismatica

E-Live Auction 7 - Part I

E-Live Auction. Italian and World Coins, Medals and Lots. 

6 February
Bid Inside NetworkBid Inside Live Auction
Varesi Numismatica

E-Live Auction 7 - Part II

E-Live Auction. Italian and World Coins, Medals and Lots. 

Flash Auctions
Flash Auctions
Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger

Auction 371 - Ancient Coins

Ancient coins auction in Munich. 

9 February
Bid Inside NetworkBid Inside Live Auction
Cambi Aste

Live Auction 691

In collaboration with Crippa Numismatica, a selection of high quality coins from the House of Savoy and the Papal State. 

Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger

Auction 372 - Comes Auri Collection

Ancient coins (Comes Auri Collection)  auction in Munich. 

Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger

Auction 373 - Coins and Medals

Coins and medals auction in Munich. 

March 2022
12-13 Mar.
Bid Inside Network
V.L. Nummus

E-live Auction 18

Orders and Decorations, Roman, Middle Ages, Holy Roman Empire, Austrian, Italian and World Coins. 

Ended Auctions

January 2022
11 January
Bid Inside Web-AppBid Inside Live Auction
Aurora Spa

Auction Aurora 24

300 Gold World Coins E-Live Auction. 

9-10 Jan.
Bid Inside NetworkBid Inside Live Auction
Bertolami Fine Art

E-Auction 109

E-Live Auction: Greek, Roman, Byzantine Coins, Antiquities and Numismatic Literature. 

December 2021
28-29 Dec.
Bid Inside Network
Katz est.2007

Katz Auction 54

World Coins E-Live Auction.   

Numismatica Ferrarese

E-Live Auction 14

Modern Italian and World Coins, Italian Republic, Medals, Tokens, Banknotes and Books E-Live Auction. 

21 December
Bid Inside Network

Online Coins Auction #60

Ancient and Modern Coins E-Live Auction. 

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CoinsWeekly News

  • Stephen Album Rare Coins

    13 January 2022
    Broad Range of World Coins at Stephen Album

    Stephen Album Rare Coins will hold its Auction 42 on 20th-23rd January 2022 at its offices in Santa Rosa, California. The Auction is made up of 3,200 lots of Ancient, Islamic, Chinese, …

    Der Beitrag Stephen Album Rare Coins erschien zuerst auf CoinsWeekly.

  • Nomos AG

    13 January 2022
    Obolos 21: A Good Start Into the New Year for Nomos

    Yes, indeed, the New Year began with a bang! Numerous collectors and dealers, all fully recovered from the New Year’s Eve festivities (or, at least, once again compos mentis) …

    Der Beitrag Nomos AG erschien zuerst auf CoinsWeekly.

  • Harvey G. Stack (1928-2022)

    13 January 2022

    Harvey G. Stack passed away on 3 January 2022 at the age of 93. He was a real coin enthusiast who devoted his life to his deep-rooted passion for numismatics. He was one of those people who simply couldn’t have …

    Der Beitrag Harvey G. Stack (1928-2022) erschien zuerst auf CoinsWeekly.

  • Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger

    13 January 2022
    The Numismatic Library of Lanz

    The company Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger announced that the first part of the library of the well-known Munich auction house Numismatik Lanz will be offered in their E-Live Auction 7. The auction is now online and …

    Der Beitrag Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger erschien zuerst auf CoinsWeekly.

  • Cayón Subastas

    13 January 2022
    Highly Important Spanish Coins at Cayón Subastas

    Cayón Subastas offers in their extraordinary auction on 27th January 2022 785 lots of highly important coins mainly from Spain. Internet live bidding will start at 4.00 PM (Madrid). The exceptional sale features …

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  • Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

    13 January 2022

    Recently, at a reading in Rome……

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  • Heritage Auctions

    13 January 2022
    Heritage Auctions’ US Coins Signature Auction Realized Over $5 Million

    A spectacular 1879 Flowing Hair stella drew nearly four dozen bids before selling for $264,000 to lead Heritage Auctions’ US Coins Signature® Auction to $5,004,466 in total sales December 16-19. …

    Der Beitrag Heritage Auctions erschien zuerst auf CoinsWeekly.

  • A Festival for St Wenceslas

    13 January 2022

    On 28th October 1918, the representatives of the four Czech parties declared the independence of the Czechoslovak Republic. Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk (1850-1937) became the first Prime Minister, and Edvard Beneš (1884-1948) the first Minister of Foreign Affairs. At least as …

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  • How a Byzantine Earring Came to Denmark’s Vikings

    13 January 2022

    The metal detector beeps very faintly as 54-year-old Frants Fugl Vestergaard guides it across a field near Bøvling in western Jutland. The sound is so faint that many would go on without hesitation, but not Frants. For 10 years he …

    Der Beitrag How a Byzantine Earring Came to Denmark’s Vikings erschien zuerst auf CoinsWeekly.

  • Dr Efrem Marcel Pegan – Researcher and Antiquarian

    13 January 2022

    On 16th January 2022 Dr Efrem Marcel Pegan will celebrate his 90th birthday. Born in Ljubljana in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Pegan grew up well protected in an educated middle class family devoted to works of the Fine Arts – …

    Der Beitrag Dr Efrem Marcel Pegan – Researcher and Antiquarian erschien zuerst auf CoinsWeekly.

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