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Ended Auctions

Year 2014

Date Auction Type Info Participate
25 09 Auction 91
06 08 Islamic Coin Auction 26
08 05 Auction 89
08 05 Auction 88
07 05 Auction Number 87 Online auction - Room auction
06 05 Auction Number 86 Online auction - Room auction
09 01 The New York Sale XXXIII Online auction - Room auction
08 01 The New York Sale XXXII Online auction - Room auction

Year 2013

Date Auction Type Info Participate
26 09 The Arielle Collection Part One
25 09 - 26 09 The David Fore Collection Part Three
24 09 Auction 83
04 06 First military Sale
31 05 Auction 82
10 05 Auction 81
09 05 Islamic Coins Auction 24
07 05 - 08 05 Auctions 78 - 79 - 80
04 04 Hong Kong Coin Auction - Auction 54
17 03 Apex Philatelic Public Auction 122
02 02 Spring Argentum
09 01 - 10 01 The New York Sale XXX-XXXI

Year 2012

Date Auction Type Info Participate
06 12 Islamic Coin 23
03 11 Autumn Argentum
26 09 - 27 09 Auctions 75 - 77
25 09 Islamic Coins 22
23 08 The Hong Kong Coin Auction 53
08 05 - 09 05 Baldwin's 73 - 74

Year 2011

Date Auction Type Info Participate

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CoinsWeekly News

  • New Managing Director for World Money Fair

    22 June 2018
    Ms Gitta Künker will be the new Managing Director of World Money Fair effective from 1 July 2018 according to a statement by the World Money Fair Holding GmbH. She is taking over from Jens Hesse-Engelschalk after he has completed his term.

  • Emperor Penguin

    22 June 2018
    An emperor penguin has been added to Coin Invest’s series of animal-featured coin sculptures. One gold and one silver coin pay homage to the bird that, within the animal kingdom, has become a symbol of parental love.

  • Salamanca University founded 800 years ago

    22 June 2018
    Founded by King Alfonso IX of Leon in 1218, the University of Salamanca is the oldest university in Spain and one of the longest-standing educational centres in the world. Spain commemorates the university’s 800th birthday with a collector coin in silver.

  • Riksbank terminates contract with Crane AB

    22 June 2018
    Sweden’s Riksbank is looking for a new banknotes supplier. The bank has terminated its contract with Crane AB as the company is going to move the printing operations to Malta breaking thus an agreement with Riksbank to not produce Sweden’s banknotes abroad.

  • Mint Directors Conference in Seoul 2018 – Part 2: Old and new MDC Guidelines

    22 June 2018
    In April 2018, mint representatives from all over the world met in Seoul. They discussed current issues on the topic of coins. In this part, we summarize which new guidelines were published for which fields of minting.

  • How came images on ancient coins?

    22 June 2018
    Contributions in the proceedings of a conference at the Belgian and French Schools at Athens explore the relation between “issuer” and “user” of ancient coins by asking many intriguing questions as: Were numismatic types chosen and adapted for particular audiences?

  • Shedding light on coins from Pompeii

    22 June 2018
    Giacomo Pardini publishes the 523 coins recovered in a recent excavation in Pompeii. He discusses the coins as social and cultural objects providing also an up-to-date overview of coins found at Pompeii which were struck between the fourth century BC and AD 79.

  • Bringing the UK’s coin collections together

    22 June 2018
    We have reported about the British Museum’s exhibition “Money and medals: mapping the UK’s numismatic collections”. This article is a supplement. It will tell you some background stories from which museums the exhibits are coming and why they were stored there.

  • Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

    22 June 2018
    Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently, at the group’s meeting ...

  • A numismatic soccer dream?

    22 June 2018
    Will Germany win the soccer world cup 2018 and celebrate the victory with a collector coin? In 2016, a possible German victory in the European championship was actually the theme in a competition. Read some thoughts on that by numiscontrol.

  • Warsaw: numismatic center in the heart of Europe – chapter 3

    22 June 2018
    The International Numismatic Conference takes place in Warsaw in 2021. We took a look at what Warsaw has to offer from a numismatic standpoint. The three days we spent there were far too little time for that. In this chapter, we visit the Polish Numismatic Society, the POLIN Museum and find out what we missed out on.

  • How the British became a nation of tea drinkers

    20 June 2018
    Vast amounts of silver from the New World resulted in a large increase in minted silver in Europe. And thus the fall of the Aztec Empire led to the British passion for tea. But see for yourself!

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