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Auctions marked with this icon use bid-Kit software not connected to our Network. You have to register and login with a new account fulfilling the registration form. See also For collectors page.



With bid-Kit Web App auction houses can easily manage their auctions online. It is an extremely flexible application that can be adapted to the most diverse needs; it allows for example to manage the following auction types:

  •  simple bids collecting without any info about current winning bids;
  •  online auction with current results visible;
  •  live auction on the internet, synchronized with a floor auction;
  •  e-live auction, only online, fully automated.


bid-Kit Web App can be used both as a primary application for auction management, and as an accessory platform in combination with other systems; it also has automated tools for importing and exporting users and bids.

In the first case, the potential of the web application in terms of time saving  and efficiency can be fully exploited, in the second case the auction benefits from the visibility given by the auctions portal and by the bidinside.com circuit.

Please note that all auctions of Bid Inside Network also are managed with bid-KIT software.

See also bid-KIT website for more information.

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    We communicate an update on the auction dates that have been postponed or postponed without date, ...

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