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Auctions marked with this icon link to external websites, you will be redirected to auction houses websites. See also For collectors page.


The auctions marked with this icon are auctions promoted and advertised by our portal.

Please note that these auctions are not run with Bid Inside Web App, so You will be redirected to the relative external websites.

Contact us to advertise your auction.

Next Live auctions

Next Live Auctions on Bid Inside:

27-28 Feb.

Numisma Leilões
Auction 140

29 Feb. 15:00 CET

Auction 229 Numismatics

1 Mar. 14:00 CET

Aurora Spa
Auction Aurora 31

1 Mar. 15:00 CET

E-Live Auction March 2024

1 Mar. 21:30 CET

SPC Paolo Cardillo
Themed Flash Auction n. 23

5 Mar. 15:00 CET

Filatelia Gazzera
E-Live Auction March 2024


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