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For collectors


Bid Inside shops are dedicated to the world of collecting and offer collectible items and fixed price lists.



For auction houses and dealers


We have developed an e-commerce so tailored for dealers and auction houses, which allows to have an online store connected to and consequently advertised on Bid Inside website and network.

Our store is a basic but complete e-commerce platform, with a customizable layout. The store can be used in 2 ways:

- as a stand-alone shop / website to sell items organized in categories and/or publish fixed price lists
- as a module of bid-KIT auction platform to sell unsold lots as well as single items and fixed price lists. 

The items of our stores are shown in randomly in Bid Inside home page

For any information please contact us at info@bidinside.com!


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  • Auction dates updates
    We communicate an update on the auction dates that have been postponed or postponed without date, ...

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CoinsWeekly News

  • Heidelberger Münzhandlung, D-Heidelberg

    21 October 2021
    Coins for Collectors From Germany and All Over the World

    Every week one reads about new record prices in the numismatic media. And all those who already have a large collection are happy about that. But those who are just …

    Der Beitrag Heidelberger Münzhandlung, D-Heidelberg erschien zuerst auf CoinsWeekly.

  • Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio

    21 October 2021
    Gold Stands Out at Stack’s Bowers’ Hong Kong Sale

    After 13 separate sessions comprising world and ancient coins along with world paper money, the Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio September Hong Kong Auction realized in excess of $33 million, double the …

    Der Beitrag Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio erschien zuerst auf CoinsWeekly.

  • Gold, Silver, the Morgan Dollar and the Rarest Silver Crown of the Latin Monetary Union

    21 October 2021

    On 16 November 2021, Numismatica Genevensis will be auctioning a very important numismatic rarity. It is the rarest silver crown of the Latin Monetary Union. Only five specimens of this 5-franc coin from 1886 are known: three of them are …

    Der Beitrag Gold, Silver, the Morgan Dollar and the Rarest Silver Crown of the Latin Monetary Union erschien zuerst auf CoinsWeekly.

  • Numismatica Genevensis SA, CH-Geneva

    21 October 2021
    Rarities from Antiquity to the 20th Century

    Are you a lover of coins of great stile, perfect quality and fine provenance? In that case you should certainly study the three latest catalogues of Numismatica Genevensis SA. The specialist in high-quality …

    Der Beitrag Numismatica Genevensis SA, CH-Geneva erschien zuerst auf CoinsWeekly.

  • Italy Cancels Controversial Cashless Campaign

    21 October 2021

    Italy’s government has ended a much-maligned scheme aimed at encouraging cashless payments over concerns around its cost, fairness and abuses of the system.

    Launched in late 2020 and scheduled to run until 30 June 2022, the campaign required participants to …

    Der Beitrag Italy Cancels Controversial Cashless Campaign erschien zuerst auf CoinsWeekly.

  • Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

    21 October 2021

    Recently, at Victoria’s home……

    Der Beitrag Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World erschien zuerst auf CoinsWeekly.

  • Stack’s Bowers Galleries & Künker, USA-New York

    21 October 2021
    “A World Class Collection”: the Lottie Salton Collection

    Auction houses Stack’s Bowers Galleries and Künker have been chosen to sell the illustrious Mark and Lottie Salton Collection, a comprehensive holding of many thousands of chiefly gold and silver coins of …

    Der Beitrag Stack’s Bowers Galleries & Künker, USA-New York erschien zuerst auf CoinsWeekly.

  • Heritage Auctions

    21 October 2021
    New Discovery Highlights Heritage’s Long Beach Expo Coin Sale

    More than 5,100 global bidders engaged in eager bidding to drive the total result for the Long Beach Expo US Coins Signature® Auction and US Currency Signature® Auction to $15,787,609 in …

    Der Beitrag Heritage Auctions erschien zuerst auf CoinsWeekly.

  • “Franklin’s World” as Print Edition: The Book for the Column

    21 October 2021

    With her “Franklin’s World” cartoons, Claire Franklin proves every week that ancient coins and the numismatic world are funny. It’s all in the eye of the beholder. Since the first issue of CoinsWeekly was published eleven years ago (!), we …

    Der Beitrag “Franklin’s World” as Print Edition: The Book for the Column erschien zuerst auf CoinsWeekly.

  • This is the Winner of the IAPN Book Prize 2021

    21 October 2021

    Usually, the International Association of Professional Numismatists organizes its General Assembly every year in a different country in the world, but last year because of the pandemic, it was resolved to cancel the General Assembly scheduled for Marseille in 2020. …

    Der Beitrag This is the Winner of the IAPN Book Prize 2021 erschien zuerst auf CoinsWeekly.

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