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CoinsWeekly News

  • The Largest Collection of Islamic Coins in Germany and the Western World

    20 September 2018
    The next CoinsWeekly Coin Record has been requested! This time it is the largest collection of Islamic coins in Germany and the western world. It is in the possession of the Forschungsstelle für Islamische Numismatik Tübingen.

  • The Background Story of a Unique George IV Medal

    20 September 2018
    A unique George IV Accession medal made for presentation to his sister, Princess Augusta Sophia, is to be sold by Baldwin’s of St. James’s on September 26, 2018. You will find its story here.

  • Spirit of Trains - Mallard

    20 September 2018
    CIT Coin Invest AG has produced a coin to commemorate the 80th anniversary of a world record. On July 3, 1938, the British steam locomotive “The Mallard” briefly achieved a record speed of 125 mph and thus holds the world speed record for steam locomotives.

  • Interview with the new owner of CNG, Michael Gasvoda

    20 September 2018
    The news that Michael Gasvoda is the new owner and managing director of CNG was a kind of a bombshell. Now, many collectors are wondering whether the new ownership will change CNG. CoinsWeekly has asked Michael Gasvoda what’s on top of his agenda.

  • The Munich Show - The largest fair of Europe for minerals, fossils and precious stones

    20 September 2018
    The 55th Munich Show will take place from October 26 through October 28, 2018. Spread out on 50,000 square meters, the event includes 1,250 exhibitors from all over the world and offers an information and trade platform for dealers, laymen, and everyone in between.

  • Curonian Kings on Silver Coin

    20 September 2018
    To commemorate their extraordinary history, Latvijas Banka has issued a commemorative coin dedicated to the Curonian Kings. They were no kings as the name suggests, but free villagers.

  • IACA Excellence in Currency 2018 Technical Awards

    20 September 2018
    The 2018 Banknote Conference saw the presentation of the IACA Excellence in Currency Technical Awards. Prices were awarded for the Best Currency Innovation and the Best New Currency Feature or Product.

  • SNB presents results of the 2017 survey on payment methods

    19 September 2018
    In the autumn of 2017, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) conducted a survey on payment methods for the first time. The aim of the survey is to obtain representative information on payment behaviour and the use of cash by households in Switzerland.

  • Free PMG Evaluations at Valkenburg PaperMoneyFair

    19 September 2018
    NGC accepts PMG submissions at the Valkenburg PaperMoneyFair. The PMG Grader Colin Blyth offers a first free and nonbinding evaluation for banknotes.

  • A Numismatic Approach to Nerva’s Policies

    19 September 2018
    The images on coins can contribute essential facts to our understanding of Roman policies during the time of the Roman Empire. Nathan T. Elkins demonstrates this idea using the example of the reign of Nerva. Ursula Kampmann has taken a look at his book.

  • Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

    19 September 2018
    Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently, at potter Python’s workshop ...

  • Armenia! at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

    19 September 2018
    From September 22, 2018 through January 13, 2019, the Met explores the arts and culture of the Armenians from the early fourth century through the 17th century. The exhibition focuses especially on questions of national identity, Christianization, and trade routes.