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Bid Inside for Collectors

Bid Inside is an auction portal where you can participate online (numismatics, philately, art, antiques, memorabilia, etc.). On the homepage, you can find the list of upcoming online auctions, with direct links to the catalogs and LIVE page of each Auction House.


Auctions / auction houses come in two types:

networkNetwork - auctions / auction houses accessible with a single Bid Inside account. After registering with the first auction house belonging to the Network, for subsequent auction houses, simply log in and request to participate, without having to fill out other forms.

web appWeb App - auctions / auction houses using our bid-KIT software and not connected to the Bid Inside Network; in this case, registration with a dedicated account is required by filling out the registration form completely.


Also, see the Registration page.


You can only bid on auctions for which you are registered and approved.

See the Bids page.



On Bid Inside, you can participate in auctions held in auction rooms or even just online.

asta live This icon indicates in the calendar Bid Inside auctions with LIVE AUCTION service on Bid Inside with live streaming from the auction room or automatic E-Live system that you can participate in on Bid Inside.


asta live This icon indicates in the calendar auctions that have pre-auction / bidding collection on Bid Inside, and then end with a live auction on an external website.

Also, see the Live Auction page.



For support in registration or other issues and information, you can write to support@bidinside.com.



To register for auctions on Bid Inside, both Network and bid-Kit Web App, you must accept the terms and conditions of service.



Your data is processed in compliance with current Privacy / GDPR regulations and is only communicated to auction houses in case of your direct registration, see also our Privacy Policy. For password recovery, if you have problems with the automatic recovery procedure, you must write to support@bidinside.com.

Next Live auctions

Next Live Auctions on Bid Inside:

23 Jul. 15:00 CEST

Filatelia Gazzera
E-Live Auction July 2024

23 Jul. 15:00 CEST

Filatelia Mazzini Milano
July 2024 Catalogue

27-28 Jul. 14:30 CEST

Numismatica Ferrarese
E-Live Auction 31

2 Aug. 14:00 CEST

Tuscanphila Aste SRLs
E-Live Auction 9

30 Aug. 21:30 CEST

SPC Paolo Cardillo
E-Live Auction 8

31 Aug. 14:00 CEST

Nomisma Spa
Auction 70


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