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Bid Inside website presents a list of incoming auctions (numismatics, arts, antiques, memorabilia, etc.)- Incoming auction are listed in home page with direct links to catalogues and related subscription page.



You will find three kind of auctions:

networkNetwork - auctions you can enter with an unique Bid Inside account. After first registration to an auction house belonging to the Network, for following auction houses you can use same account, login and request to attend the auction. After first registration you don’t have to fulfill other registration forms.

web appWeb App - auctions using Bid Inside software not connected to our Network. You have to register and login with a new account fulfilling the registration form. 

linkLink - auctions on external websites, you will be redirected to auction houses websites.




asta liveThis icon shows Bid Inside auctions on the calendar with LIVE AUCTION service with live streaming from the auction room or automatic E-Live auction.




For registration support or other issues and information you can write to support@bidinside.com.




Your data will be processed in compliance with Privacy / GPDR current regulations and will be communicated to the auction houses only in case of your direct registration, see also our Privacy Policy. For password recovery, if you have problems with the automatic recovery procedure, you must write to support@bidinside.com.

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  • Online Shops
    We promote a new service to build online shops for numismatic dealers. More information available ...

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CoinsWeekly News

  • Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

    14 February 2019
    Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently, at the Pantheon ...

  • Financing the First World War

    14 February 2019
    How did the UK pay for its involvement in the Great War? The Bank of England Museum allows you to discover how the British government raised the necessary funds and tells you the stories of people who supported the national effort by buying war bonds.

  • The 7 Summits – Aconcagua

    13 February 2019
    Just like the previous issues, the third silver coin in the “The 7 Summits” series created by CIT Coin Invest AG on behalf of the Cook Islands, impresses collectors with a true-to-life design. Smartminting technology allows for the relief of the Aconcagua to appear surprisingly realistic.

  • Does Cash Have a Future?

    13 February 2019
    Sweden is often cited as the haven of a cashless society. Is this where all countries are heading? Experts got together at CashCon 2019 to analyze current developments in cash provision and usage, and to find answers to the most pressing questions.

  • Call for Applications for ANS Graduate Summer Seminar in Numismatics

    13 February 2019
    The American Numismatic Society has announced the dates for this year’s Eric P. Newman Graduate Summer Seminar in Numismatics. Masters and doctoral candidates interested in participating must turn in their applications by February 22nd, 2019.

  • The World’s Most Expensive Russian Bond

    13 February 2019
    Not only coins and medals sell for extraordinary prices and are worth being recognized in the CoinsWeekly Coin Records. The most expensive Russian bond sold for 12,810 USD in December of 2018.

  • Strängnäs: Stolen Crowns Discovered in Trash Can

    13 February 2019
    Last summer, newspapers around the globe reported on a theft in Sweden. Two royal crowns and an imperial orb had been stolen from Strängnäs Cathedral. Now, they have been found – in a trash can in a suburb of Stockholm.

  • The World’s Largest Number of Credit Hours per Week in Numismatic Studies

    13 February 2019
    Of course, our CoinsWeekly Coin Records also include numismatic teaching and research. A university in Europe believes they offer the largest number of credit hours per week in numismatic studies.

  • The Most Expensive Byzantine Coin

    07 February 2019
    Two unalike sisters jointly ruled over the Byzantine Empire for a few weeks. A gold histamenon from that time can probably be added to the CoinsWeekly Coin Records as the most expensive Byzantine coin ever sold in a public auction.

  • Dinner is served! French star chef wins 2019 COTY

    07 February 2019
    At the World Money Fair Berlin the COTY trophies 2019 were awarded on 2 February 2019. The Coin of the Year was the “Best Silver Coin” from France. It is dedicated to the famous chef Guy Savoy and French Excellency in cuisine.

  • Digitalized Facial Recognition for Coins

    07 February 2019
    Is this the end of numismatics as we know it? An image recognition software is now able to recognize and identify inventoried coins at any given time. The Fraunhofer Institute reports on ongoing developments.

  • New Standard Reference Work on the Archaic Coinage of Miletus

    06 February 2019
    Whether it’s a stater, trite or fraction – you will frequently find the archaic coins of the city of Miletus in auction catalogs. Now, there is a new catalog, which will be the relevant work to cite from now on. Ursula Kampmann has taken a look at it.

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