Live Auction

The live auction takes place on a dedicated interface where lots are auctioned off in sequence and the final adjudication of the lots occurs.

Types of Live Auctions

  • Live auction concurrent with in-room auction
  • E-Live Auction (online only)

In the live auction concurrent with the in-room auction, audio/video streaming directly from the room is (almost always) available. It should be noted that streaming has a delay of about 0.7 / 0.8 seconds compared to the room, therefore it is always advised to bid quickly without waiting for the lot to be closing.

In the E-Live Auction, voice synthesis is available to help better follow the auction by highlighting the main data (lot number, current bid, offers, lot closing).

Lot Statuses




Green: the lot is active, and it is possible to make offers.


Orange: the lot is in the closing phase, but it is still possible to make offers.


Red: the lot is closed, no more offers are allowed.


Blue: the auction is paused, and the lot is temporarily inactive.


Grey: the auction is suspended, and the lot is inactive.


Legend of bid types

During the auction, each offer is accompanied by one of these symbols, aiming to make the experience clearer for each user and to provide immediate understanding of whether their offer is winning or not.





Other user - Pre-auction offer



Other user - LIVE bid



Other user - Auction room / phone / other live platform / other



Other user - Autobid


Other user - Cut Bid - LIVE offer with halved increment. You can only enter one CUT BID per lot. After insertion, no further offers on the lot are possible.


Your bid! - you are winning!



Your bid! - you are winning with Autobid type bid!


Your bid! - you are winning with Cut Bid type bid!
N.B. Your last offer!


  indicates a feature not available in all auctions at the discretion of the auction houses


Cut Bid

Cut Bid = Offer with halved increment.

Each user can place only one CUT BID per lot. After placement, no further bids are allowed on the lot by the same user.

Each auction house can decide whether to activate this feature and from what amount this feature can be activated - e.g., Cut Bid is available only from 500 euros upwards and is not active for lots with a current bid lower than that.


Autobid is a mode of automatic Live bidding made by a user before the auction, which is automatically placed by the auction system only when the lot opens during the live auction.

Also, see the  Bids page.

Not all auction houses provide this type of functionality.


Underneath the lot and the bidding box, there is a box with textual messages sent by the auction house to the users, typically indicating auction live times and dates, breaks, and other service communications.

If the auction has not yet started, a message with the start time will appear as soon as you access the page. Below this message, the auction will be paused on the first lot of the session, with the lot status colored in blue, indicating that the auction is momentarily paused.

Auction in Progress

When the live auction starts, the lot status turns green, symbolizing that the lot is open, and bids can be made by clicking the green "Bid" button.

The currently winning bid is displayed in the right box, accompanied by one of the symbols described earlier, indicating its type.

If your bid is winning, in addition to the green cup, the words "Your bid!" will appear in green.

In this case, the green button to place further bids will disappear, thus preventing a user from accidentally outbidding themselves.

On the contrary, if your bid is not winning, above the green button, the words "Your bid is not winning. Bid now!" will appear.

Proxy Bid

In the case of maximum bids placed, it may happen that by clicking "Bid X €", the lot advances to the next increment, but the bid is still assigned to the commission. This happens when a user has previously placed a maximum bid during pre-auction, and the two bids are matched. To overcome this situation, simply click "Bid X" again and place a further raise.

Bid Priority

In order, the following online bids have priority:

  1. Pre-Auction Bids
  2. Autobid
  3. Live Bids

Auction room bids may prevail over Live bids at the discretion of the auctioneer in case of simultaneity.


See also the Bids page.

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