When an auction is active, you can bid during these stages:
Live Auction / E-Live

Pre-auction Bids

Once you are registered and approved by an auction house, perform the login by clicking on the corresponding button located at the top right inside the auction house's website.

Then, select the lot of your interest or click on the "bid now" button.

The amount entered can match the next raise or the auction base. Alternatively, you can enter a maximum amount (proxy bid). In this case, the system designates you as winners at the minimum available increment and defends your bid automatically in case other users make further bids, both during the pre-auction phase and the live auction.

E.g., lot with an auction base of 100 euros
User X bids 200 euros
User X wins at 100 euros
User Y offers 120 euros
User X is now winning at 130 euros (or the next minimum increment)
The system defends User X's bid up to 200 euros, and to surpass it, a bid of 220 euros is required.

Pre-auction bids are possible in all the catalogs present on Bid Inside with the following distinctions:

Current Bids

For a part of the auctions on Bid Inside, the "Current Bid" value is present and indicates the value of the currently winning bid.

To attempt to win the lot, you need to surpass the "Current Bid".

For some auctions, typically those with catalogs for offer collection that end on other systems / websites, a "Current Bid" value is available, which is not determined by internal raises of the Bid Inside system but is taken from the auction house's website and is therefore only indicative.

For various reasons or by the direct choice of the auction house, sometimes the "Current Bid" value is not available.


This type of bid is available only for auction houses that manage the live auction on Bid Inside.

In addition to the traditional bid, users can use this type of bid, which has a slightly different dynamic:

  • autobid is a type of bid available only in pre-auction
  • autobids are not sent and shown to the auction house and therefore do not interact with the traditional bids in pre-auction.
  • they come into play only when the lot is opened during the live auction
  • in case of equal bids the traditional bid  (absentee or live) prevails
  • users can manage autobids until the end of the pre-auction, cancelling them, modifying them according to their preferences
  • autobids must respect the spending limit of the user, bids that exceed this limit will not be considered by the system

Autobid was introduced to give users more autonomy in managing bids and as a sort of insurance for possible connection issues or participation problems during the live auction.

Not all auction houses offer this type of functionality.

Cut Bid

This type of bid is available only during the live auction.

Cut Bid = Bidwith a halved increment

Each user can place only one CUT BID per lot. After placing a Cut Bid, further bids on the lot by the same user are not allowed. The Cut Bid is the user's last bid on a lot. If it is surpassed, the user cannot bid again.

Each auction house can decide whether to activate this feature and from what amount this feature becomes available - e.g., the Cut Bid is available only for amounts over 500 euros and is not active for lots with a current bid lower than this.

Bid Reports and Notifications

Each user receives individual notifications when a bid is surpassed only in pre-auction.

Emails with the bid report are sent periodically, allowing you to check in which lots you are still the winning bidder and in which you have been outbid. Not all auctions have this feature active.

It is the responsibility of the auction houses to send the communication/invoice for the awarded lots at the end of the auction.

Live Bids

See Live Auction page.

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