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January 2021
28-31 Jan.
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Katz est.2007

Katz Auction 40

World Coins, Banknotes, Orders and Decorations E-Live Auction.   

Gregory's Casa d'aste

Auction 43

Ancient and XIX-XX Century Paintings, Furniture and Art Pieces Auction. 

February 2021
5-7 Feb.
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E-Live Auction Nr. 10

E-Live auction with 2376 Lots of World, Baltic states, Poland, Russian coins. 

Antivm Numismatica

E-Live Auction 2

Numismatic books, world coins and medals e-live auction. 

Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger

Auction 363 - Antique Art Objects

Antique art objects auction in Munich. 

Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger

Auction 364 - Ancient Coins

Ancient coins auction in Munich. 

11 February
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Aurora Spa

E-Live Auction Aurora 20

E-Live auction of italian mints, world coins. 

Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger

Auction 365 - Coins and Medals

Coins and medals auction in Munich. 

16 February
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Bertolami Fine Arts

Web Auction 95

E-Live Auction. Wristwatches with an important Rolex collection. 

Aureo & Calicó - Subastas Numismáticas

Auction 360 - Online Auction

Ancient, Spanish, World Coins, Medals and Banknotes. 

1000 Lands - LIVE LUXURY Auctions
1000 Lands - LIVE LUXURY Auctions
17 February
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Online Coin Auction #46

Celtiberian Coins and the Roman Empire Coins selection. 

Aureo & Calicó - Subastas Numismáticas

Auction 361 - Floor Auction

Ancient, Spanish, World coins, Medals and Banknotes. 

22-23 Feb.
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InAsta s.p.a.

E-Live Auction 92

Ancient and Modern Coins, Medals, Banknotes and Lots E-Live Auction. 

26 February
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Bertolami Fine Arts

Auction 88

Modern and Contemporary Art. A selection of artworks from the Roman School artists. 

Numismatica Scaligera

E-Live Auction 4

E-Live Auction with Papal, Italian and World Coins, Medals, Lots and Collections. 

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SARTOR Coins and medals
SARTOR Coins and medals

Ended Auctions

January 2021
23-24 Jan.
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Nomisma Spa

E-Live Auction 20

Medals, Italian and World Coins E-live auction. 

24 January
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Varesi Numismatica

Numismatic Auction 77 - E-Live

E-Live auction of papal bulls, ancient and modern coins. 

22 January
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Varesi Numismatica

Numismatic Auction 77

Room and live auction of italian and world coins.  


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CoinsWeekly News

  • Gold From Coal and Stone: Ernst III of Holstein-Schauenburg

    21 January 2021

    On 28 January 2021 auction house Künker offers a small series of coins minted by the rulers of the House of Schaumburg in auction 346. The highlight is certainly a splendid 10fold ducat by Ernst III, Count of Schaumburg and …

  • The NumisPlace

    21 January 2021
    The NumisPlace Special Release January 2021

    Once a month, The NumisPlace – the online marketplace for high-quality coins – offers a Special Release: all dealers upload selected coins at the same time.

    The NumisPlace also sees itself as a club …

  • “Detectorists” on German and French Television

    21 January 2021

    Do you know the “Holocaust” miniseries of the 1970s? In West Germany, which was spoilt by success at the time, the American series was broadcast for the first time in 1979 and triggered a discussion about the German crimes of …

  • Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

    21 January 2021

    Recently, while isolating……

  • Roma Numismatics

    21 January 2021
    Roma E-Sale 80 in Association With Numismática Lucernae

    Roma Numismatics’ E-Sale 80, held in association with Numismática Lucernae, is now online and open for bidding. Roma Numismatics hosts this sale jointly with their trusted colleague offering 1,983 lots of Celtic, …

  • Künker Auction 346: Iconography – The Language of the Images

    21 January 2021

    Auction house Künker will be offering many rarities in their Auction Sale 346 on 28 January 2021. Many of them show images that seem incomprehensible at first glance.

    In order to understand the meaning of these images correctly you have …

  • Fernando Chao (1946-2021)

    21 January 2021

    The enthusiastic collector and passionate researcher Dr Fernando Chao was born in Rosario, Argentina, and cultivated a love for Argentine numismatics throughout his entire life. In this field, he established himself as an expert in a variety of subjects ranging …

  • Certified Collectibles Group Will Expand into the World of Trading Cards

    21 January 2021

    Certified Sports Guaranty™ will launch in February 2021 to provide sports card collectors and dealers with expert, impartial and efficient certification services.

    CSG is the latest company to be formed by the Certified Collectibles Group®, which includes the world’s largest …

  • Peter K. Tompa Opens His Own Law Firm

    21 January 2021

    Peter K. Tompa, a Washington, D.C. based attorney, has opened his own law firm. He will focus his practice on assisting small businesses, auction houses, trade associations, advocacy groups, collectors, and museums on issues related to the international trade in …

  • Numismatic Crime Information Center Opens A Forum

    21 January 2021

    Doug Davis from the nonprofit Numismatic Crime Information Center informed us that he has opened a new forum section on the website to discuss any type of crime related to numismatics.

    You can check out the forums and start conversations …

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