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March 2019
24 March
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Nomisma Spa

E-Live-Auction 9

Ancient and modern coins, medals and banknotes. E-live auction starting at 6.00 PM CET

26 March
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Online Auction 43

Ancient coin, Spanish coins, World coins and banknotes, numismatic books. Absentee bids deadline March 26th at 04:00 pm CET.  

Bertolami Fine Arts

Auction 58 - Antiquities

Antiquities auction in Rome. Live auction starts at 15:00 CET march 28th 2019   

28 March
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Auction E-Live 1

Spanish coins, World coins and banknotes. E-Live auction at 04:00 pm CET. 

28 March
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Aste ACM

Numismatic Auction 10

Italian and world coins, miniassegni, banknotes. Online bids deadlineThursday, March 28th at  4:00 PM CET. 

April 2019
2 April
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Live Auction Billets Avril 2019

429 lots of French and world banknotes. Live Auction at 02:00 pm CET 

3 April
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Online Numismatic Auction 27

Spanish and world coins and banknotes online auction. The closing time for absentee bids is 03:00 pm CET. 

A. Karamitsos International Auctions

Public & LIVE Bid Auction 636

Greek & world coins, medals and banknotes. Pre-auction bids deadline: April 6th at 9:00 AM CET 

9 April
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Live Auction Avril 2019

412 lots from Ancient coins, French Royal and Modern coins to World coins and medals.. Live Auction at 2:00 pm CET

Numismatica Picena

Numismatic Auction 7

Coins and medals of Italian mints, Italian merchant cards. Live Auction at 03:30 pm CET, absentee bids deadline 12:00 NOON. 

Aureo & Calicó - Subastas Numismáticas

Online Auction 329

Ancient, Spanish, World coins, Medals and Banknotes. Online bidding dealine: 24 April 08:00 CET. 

Aureo & Calicó - Subastas Numismáticas

Auction 330

Velazquez Collection - Coins of Philipp IV of Spain floor auction. Online bidding dealine: 25 April 2019 02:30 pm CET 

Numismatica Varesi

Numismatic Auction 74

Italian coins, world coins. Absentee bids until Sunday April 28th 5:00 PM CET. Live Auction at 11:30 AM CET 

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Ended Auctions

March 2019
23 Mar.-24 Mar.
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V.L. Nummus

E-live Auction 11

Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Italian and World Coins. Pre-bids each day until 8:00 CET, Live Auction starting each day at 9:00 AM CET. 

23 March
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InAsta s.p.a.

Auction 80

Ancient and modern coins and medals. Room anche LIVE auction starting at 09:45 CET. Pre-auction bids deadline: Friday 22 March 03:00 PM CET. 

21 March
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Tauler & Fau

Auction 28

Spanish bankotes  e-live auction starting at 04:00 pm CET. 

Darabanth Auctions Ltd

Online Numismatic Auction 342

Hungarian coins and banknotes, world coins and medals. Online bidding until March 21st 5:00 PM CET   

20 March
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Tauler & Fau

E-Auction 27

Los Billetes Olvidados, bankotes  e-live auction starting at 04:00 pm CET. 

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  • Online Shops
    We promote a new service to build online shops for numismatic dealers. More information available ...

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CoinsWeekly News

  • Two Contenders for the First Christian Era Dated Coin

    22 March 2019
    Last week, we presented the oldest dated coin of Württemberg. We had already typed out the article about the oldest coin dated according to the Christian era at the time. Now, a possible competitor has entered the stage.

  • In memoriam Dr. Rainer Opitz (1954-2019)

    21 March 2019
    The German numismatic community has lost a visionary: Dr. Rainer Opitz. In the numismatic world he is known for his dedication to coins and medals of the history of the Reformation. Fritz Rudolf Künker and Oliver Köpp remember this outstanding collector.

  • France Celebrates 60 Years of Asterix

    21 March 2019
    The Monnaie de Paris has announced that a 2 euro commemorative coin will be issued in celebration of the 60th anniversary of Asterix. The comic created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo was first released on October 29, 1959.

  • Frankfurter Münzhandlung Reopened

    21 March 2019
    A long tradition, an exciting present, countless new possibilities! In early 2019, the long-standing Frankfurter Münzhandlung was reopened. Find out everything you need to know about the company’s history and the goals of the new managing team headed by Arne Kirsch.

  • Second Edition of “100 Greatest Ancient Coins”

    21 March 2019
    In the context of the ANA’s National Money Show 2019, Harlan J. Berk has published the second edition of his successful work “100 Greatest Ancient Coins”. Renowned numismatist Italo Vecchi has taken a look at it and reflects on the importance of this book.

  • Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

    21 March 2019
    Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently, in a villa at the seaside ...

  • Website of Mint Directors Conference 2020 Available

    21 March 2019
    The Mint Directors Conference 2020 will take place in Cape Town and Pretoria in South Africa. Now, the new MDC 2020 website is online and offers an abundance of information, such as the program, registration options, and the schedule.

  • Paul Whitnah Shares Stories about Famous Coin Collectors

    20 March 2019
    Paul Whitnah has known some of the greatest coin personalities in his lifetime including Eva Adams, Q. David Bowers, Ken Bressett, Mary Brooks and many more. He shares his memories in this interview conducted by David Lisot.

  • Stephen Hawking Commemorated on UK Coin

    20 March 2019
    In celebration of the life and legacy of physicist Stephen Hawking, the Royal Mint has issued a 50p coin in gold, silver and cupro-nickel. The reverse features a design inspired by one of his “playful” lectures on black holes.

  • New 1000-Franc Banknote for Switzerland

    20 March 2019
    The Swiss National Bank has begun issuing the new 1000-franc note. The design of the fifth banknote in the latest “The Many Facets of Switzerland” series is dedicated to the communicative flair of the polylingual country.

  • The End of Krause Publications?

    20 March 2019
    F+W, parent company of Krause Publications, has filed for bankruptcy. This could potentially result in the end of numerous numismatic publications in the United States. Years of mismanagement and staggering malinvestment are considered the causes of these developments.

  • Savoca Coins Opens Office in London

    14 March 2019
    The Munich-based auction house Savoca Coins has made a name for itself in the business of dealing in ancient coins. Now, the company has opened a new office in another location – in London.

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