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June 2018
Darabanth Auctions Ltd

Online Numismatic Auction 324

Hungarian coins, world coins and medals. Online bidding deadline at 5:00 PM CET 

24 Jun. - 25 Jun.
Bid Inside Network
Numismatica Felsinea

Auction n.7 - E-live

Ancient and modern coins and medals. 

Auktionshaus H.D. Rauch GmbH

Medals Auction 2018

Ordensauktion 2018: orders and medals, numismatic literature. 

July 2018
2 July
Bid Inside Network
Nomisma Spa

E-Live-Auction 5

Ancient and modern coins. E-live auction starting at 7.00 PM

3 July

Live Auction Billets Juillet 2018

415 lots of French and world banknotes. Live Auction at 02:00 pm CET 

4 July
Bid Inside Network
InAsta s.p.a.

Auction 74

7206 lots of ancient and modern coins, medals, numismatic books, philatelics. Lots closing starts at 2:00 PM CET. 

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Ended Auctions

June 2018
Numismatica Picena

Numismatic Auction 5

Italian and Mediterrean mints coins and medals, Vatican medals. Live Auction at 03:30 pm CET 

10 June
Bid Inside Network
V.L. Nummus

E-live Auction 9

Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Italian and World Coins. Pre-bids until 8:00 CET, Live Auction starting at 9:00 AM CET. 

Darabanth Auctions Ltd

Online Numismatic Auction 323

Hungarian coins, world coins and medals. Online bidding deadline at 5:00 PM CET 

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  • Online Shops
    We promote a new service to build online shops for numismatic dealers. More information available ...

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CoinsWeekly News

  • Coin Set: Chinese Guardian Lions

    18 June 2018
    Guardian Lions always come in pairs. That’s the reason why Coin Invest AG dedicates a coin set to these mythical creatures. Latest coin technology using smartminting as well as Black Proof produced an aesthetic artwork.

  • Mint Directors Conference Awards 2018

    18 June 2018
    On the occasion of the MDC in Seoul the MDC Awards were granted. There are prizes for the most beautiful coins as well as for the most technologically advanced coins. The packaging is also reviewed by an expert jury.

  • Series featuring primates struck in the name of Gibraltar

    18 June 2018
    The Pobjoy Mint announced a new series of four 50 p coins that show African primates. The second one depicts the chimpanzee, widely believed to be the closest living relative of humans.

  • Mint Directors Conference in Seoul 2018 - Part 1: The Future of Money

    18 June 2018
    In April 2018, mint representatives from all over the world met in Seoul. They discussed current issues on the topic of coins. In this part, we summarize what was said about the future of cash.

  • On the Roman infantry’s pay

    18 June 2018
    No, this article does not focus on the legionaries’ wages but rather on a 16th century English scholar who collected coins and wrote about them. Ursula Kampmann takes a look at a new contribution to the history of numismatic research.

  • EU Adds Art Dealers to Money Laundering Rules

    18 June 2018
    Anti-money laundering regulations have repeatedly been subject to change and tightening. The latest update of EU rules will burden dealers of art and antiquities in unprecedented dimensions.

  • Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

    18 June 2018
    Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently, in ancient Skione ...

  • Coin dealer victim of burglary in Vancouver

    18 June 2018
    On June 2, 2018 coin dealer Jack Noble was the victim of a vehicle burglary in British Columbia (Canada). The Royal Canadian Mounted Police already have a strong suspicion because the man appears to have been a targeted victim.

  • Vasiliki Penna (1951-2018)

    18 June 2018
    The Greek historian and archaeologist Vasso Penna was one of the most distinguished scholars of Byzantine numismatics. After a long illness she passed away on 17 May 2018. Yannis Stoyas remembers this eminent numismatist.

  • Warsaw: Numismatic centre at the heart of Europe - part 2

    18 June 2018
    The International Numismatic Congress of 2021 will take place in Warsaw. CoinsWeekly will introduce you to some of the numismatic sights of the city. In this article we will guide you through the two largest coin collections in Warsaw.

  • Warsaw: Numismatic centre at the heart of Europe - Part 1

    18 June 2018
    From September 20-24, 2021 the XVI International Numismatic Congress will take place in Warsaw. Warsaw? Have you ever been to Warsaw? No? Then you ought to go as soon as possible, because Warsaw is worth a trip - especially in the numismatic sense!

  • New Managing Director for World Money Fair

    18 June 2018
    Ms Gitta Künker will be the new Managing Director of World Money Fair effective from 1 July 2018 according to a statement by the World Money Fair Holding GmbH. She is taking over from Jens Hesse-Engelschalk after he has completed his term.

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