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April 2019
Green Apple Auction

Spring 2019 Auctıon - World Paper Money Auction

World Banknotes E-live auction. Pre-bids deadline: 6.00 PM CET. 

Numismatica Varesi

Numismatic Auction 74

Italian coins, world coins auction in Pavia. Absentee bids until Sunday April 28th 5:00 pm CET. Live Auction at 11:30 am CET. 

May 2019
Höhn - Münzhandlung und Auktionshaus Leipzig

Numismatic Auction 91

Ancient and modern coins, medals auction in Leipzig. Online bidding deadline: 3 May 9.00 am - lots 1-1531 and 3150-3175; 4 May 9.00 am - lots 1532-3149. 

5-6 May
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InAsta s.p.a.

Auction 81 E-live

Coins and banknotes auction. E-Live Auction starting on Sunday May 5th at 10:00 am CET and Monday May 6th at 16:00 pm CET. 

7 May
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Live Auction Billets Mai 2019

451 lots of French and world banknotes. Live Auction at 02:00 pm CET 

Aurora Numismatica

Auction 16 E-live

Italian coins, World coins, medals E-Live auction starting at 6.00 PM CET. 

Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger

Auction 348 - Ancient Coins

Ancient coins auction in Munich. Online Bidding ends: May 8th 09:00 CET.   

Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger

Auction 349 - Coins and Medals

German and World coins and medals auction in Munich. Online Bidding ends: May 9th 09:00 CET.   

Bertolami Fine Arts

Auction 60

Antiques Art auction in Rome. Live Auction at 17:00 am CET. 

Bertolami Fine Arts

Auction 61

Memorabilia auction in Rome. Live Auction at 17:00 am CET. 

Darabanth Auctions Ltd

31st Major Auction

Hungarian coins and banknotes, world coins and medals. Online bidding deadline at  May 11th 5:00PM CET 

Numismatica Ferrarese

E-Live Auction 1

Italian and world coins and medals. E-Live auction on Sunday May 12th 17:00 CET. 

14-15 May
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Nomisma Spa

Numismatic Auction 59

Ancient and modern coins, medals and banknotes auction in San Marino. LIVE auction srtating on May 14 at 02:00 pm CET and on May 15 at 09:00 am CET. 

Studio Numismatico Raffaele Negrini

May 2019 E-Live-Auction

Ancient coins, world coins, italian mints, House of Savoy, medals and lots E-Live auction starting at 06:00 pm CET. 

Dr. Reinhard Fischer

Auction 168 - Coins Auction

Ancient and modern coins.  Absentee bids deadline: Friday 17 May 9:00 AM CET 

Bertolami Fine Arts

E-Live Auction 69

Modern Coins and medals E-Live auction in collaboration with Numismatica Felsinea S.r.l. starting at 02:00 pm CET. 

26 May
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Laser Invest

Public, Live and Mail Auction 169

Italian philately online and room auction. Pre-bids deadline May 25th 6:00 pm 

28 May
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Varesi - NAC

Auction 115 - NAC & Varesi

Italian coins, world coins auction in Milan. Absentee bids until Monday May 27th 5:00 pm CET. 

28-29 May
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Varesi - NAC

ANPB Collection of Napoleonic Medals - Special Sale

Napoleonic medals auction in Milan. Absentee bids until Monday May 27th 5:00 pm CET. 

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Ended Auctions

April 2019
Aureo & Calicó - Subastas Numismáticas

Auction 330

Velazquez Collection - Coins of Philipp IV of Spain auction in Barcelona. Online bidding dealine: 02:30 pm CET. 

Darabanth Auctions Ltd

Online Numismatic Auction 344

Hungarian coins and banknotes, world coins and medals. Online bidding until April 25th 5:00 PM CET 

Aureo & Calicó - Subastas Numismáticas

Online Auction 329

Ancient, Spanish, World coins, Medals and Banknotes E-Live auction. Online bidding dealine: 24 April 08:00 am CET. 

Casa d’aste La Rosa

Auction 2

Furniture, paintings, oriental art, ceramics, art and design objects auction in Catania. Live Auction starting at 04:00 pm CET. 

Numismatica Picena

Numismatic Auction 7

Coins and medals of Italian mints, Italian merchant cards E-Live auction starting a at 03:30 pm CET, absentee bids deadline 12:00 noon. 

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CoinsWeekly News

  • Michigan Coin Shop Up in Flames

    25 April 2019

    A case of possible burglary and arson of the coin store Tecumseh Coins and the florist Grey Fox Floral is currently being investigated in the small town of Tecumseh (Michigan). As was reported by several news sites and the Numismatic …

  • Dr. Busso Peus Nachf., D-Frankfurt

    25 April 2019
    Old collections at Peus in Frankfurt

    From 15 to 17 May 2019 Dr. Busso Peus Nachf. will be holding their auction 424 which begins with a representative selection of Celtic coins, with an attractive section of rainbow cups. The Greek …

  • Sincona AG, CH-Schweiz

    25 April 2019
    Great selection of Gold Coins to be found at the upcoming Sincona Sale

    This year’s Sincona AG Spring Auctions in Zurich will begin on May 20th with Catalog 54, World Gold Coins and Medals. It has almost become a tradition …

  • A Center of Technology in Asia: The Singapore Mint

    25 April 2019

    It’s March 26, 2019, about 10 in the morning. I find myself standing inside the opulently furnished shop of The Singapore Mint. At 20 Teban Gardens Crescent, Singapore 608928 you will find not only the mint, but also the biggest …

  • Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

    25 April 2019

  • Heidelberger Münzhandlung – Auktion 76

    25 April 2019
    Collections and Rarities at Heidelberger Münzhandlung

    Auction 76 of Heidelberger Münzhandlung offers a total of 4,285 lots. Herbert Grün once again successfully compiled an extensive array of lots which had previously been consigned by numerous loyal collectors. Because Heidelberger Münzhandlung …

  • The Most Expensive Share Sold in 2018

    25 April 2019

    What was the highest priced scripophily sale at auction in 2018? Was it an American stock certificate, a German Aktie, or maybe a Chinese government bond? None of these. It was a French share and it was sold in Boone’s …

  • Interpol Removes Misleading Information on Illicit Trade in Cultural Property

    25 April 2019

    Interpol updated its website in early March, finally removing the misleading information regarding the illicit trade in cultural property that has been quoted so often to justify new legislation.

    IADAA had tried several times to have the information corrected without …

  • Playing with Money

    25 April 2019

    A new free display at the British Museum, open until September 29, 2019, examines the story of toy money. “Playing with money: currency and games” brings together highlights from the Museum’s collection – many on display for the first time …

  • Updated Edition of “Curious Currency” Available

    25 April 2019

    Whitman Publishing has announced the release of the second edition of Robert D. Leonard Jr.’s award-winning “Curious Currency: The Story of Money from the Stone Age to the Internet Age”.

    The first edition of “Curious Currency” earned the Numismatic Literary …

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