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bid-KIT Web App is a web application that allows auction houses to fully manage their auctions online.

It is an extremely flexible application that can adapt to a wide variety of needs; for example, it allows managing the following different types of auctions:

  • simple offer collection with hidden current results
  • online auction with visible current results
  • live internet auction synchronized with in-room auction
  • fully automated electronic "e-live" auction with voice synthesis

bid-Kit also manages:

  • e-shop
  • E-shop with Unsold Lots from auctions
  • E-shop Bullion
  • Auction Documents (invoices, etc.)
  • Consignors
  • Warehouse
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Bid Inside is our auction portal dedicated to the world of collecting. It includes auction houses that use bid-KIT and particularly those that are part of the Bid Inside Network.

Bid Inside Network is a circuit for collectors that allows enthusiasts from various sectors (numismatics, philately, art, antiques, watches, wines ...) to log in and participate in different online auctions with a single user account.

Contact us for more information.

Next Live auctions

Next Live Auctions on Bid Inside:

15-17 Apr.

InAsta s.p.a.
E-Live Auction 111

16 Apr. 15:00 CEST

Filatelia Gazzera
E-Live Auction April 2024

17 Apr. 15:00 CEST

Gregory's Casa d'Aste
Auction 70

18 Apr. 15:00 CEST

Bertolami Fine Art
Auction 293

19 Apr. 14:00 CEST

Sima Srl
Auction 3

19 Apr. 15:00 CEST

Bertolami Fine Art
Auction 294


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